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Hello! This is Eric Cheng. I am a 2016 THS graduate and am currently a freshman at Harvard, and I am writing to check in and to put some of my thoughts and appreciation in writing. I have found myself to be very lucky to come from a school that excels as Troy High does, and I wanted to express my gratitude to the administration, staff, and students for my experiences at Troy High School that have shaped me even today. I am just one of many college students who have so enjoyed their THS experience, and I really owe it all to the amazing staff and students that make THS the place that is has been and is now. I agree with many other alumni that the courses that I took during my time at THS have prepared me immensely for the work and material that I am learning in college; the amount of work and effort that I have been taught to dedicate throughout high school has put me at an advantage in comparison to my peers, and the challenges of being in academically rigorous courses in Troy are definitely comparable to the challenges I face in my current courses. I would tell current students that although what many people say about college is true in terms of it being difficult, there is no reason to worry; Troy High School truly does an amazing job in preparing students for future endeavors in college. As a result, I would personally like to thank the THS staff for both challenging me and being excellent support systems; they motivated me to work hard and assisted me when I was in need. Furthermore, I have benefited from having the additional support from teachers from my courses and extracurricular activities by gaining valuable advice and insight from them. Throughout my four years at Troy High, I have become close with so many teachers who have supported me all the way, whether it was within the classes that they taught, or even more influential, in the activities and events that I participated in. It meant and still means so much to me that the teachers I became close with came to see plays and musicals that I was in, helped me develop skills in leadership, pushed me to succeed in competitions, and were just there to motivate, help, and inspire me in general. I am lucky to carry the relationships with past teachers with me throughout my college experience, and I am so grateful that the same support systems that helped me during my time in high school are same support systems that I keep in touch with today.


I would not be where I am currently without the Troy High community and experience. Troy High gave me many opportunities that I will always be grateful for, and I wanted to express my continued appreciation for any staff member that I have had the privilege of being involved with in my four years in high school. Thank you THS!!


Eric Cheng

Troy High School is a place where I found a community that I am still part of today.

One of the most striking thing of THS is the academic rigor. This made me more than prepared to handle college courses, which are challenging and conceptually driven. The coursework of THS gave me a foundation that I was able to build off of to excel in college. There are numerous opportunities to learn new things at THS that formed the foundation for my success in college.

Meanwhile, one of most memorable aspect of THS for me is the resources, and I speak not of the wonderful array of extracurricular activities and offered advanced technology, but the people. I encourage students to really get to know both upperclassman students and the teachers here. For the former, the advice they give can often be priceless and the connections form last well beyond high school. Even now, hundreds of miles from Troy, I still come together with alumni in my area. We are so different, but connected by our hometown and the education we received here. As for the latter, teachers at THS really want students to succeed, and they go the extra miles to help students out. My advice: don't be afraid to approach teachers for help both with in class and outside of class questions. Even now, I recall sitting in the science hallway asking teachers for help after school or asking English teachers for advice on my writing. Additionally, mentors who provided me with advice, support, and constantly cheered me on came in the form of not only teachers but also Troy Staff and counselor. Troy High has a diverse range of spectacular individuals whom I continue to keep in touch with today.

Troy High was a place of growth, and it continues to be a place I return to again and again because it is an important part of my definition of home. Sure, high school comes with its set of challenges and stresses; yet, I assure you that it was all worth it and more. I can say confidently that Troy High has more than prepared me for college and beyond academically, socially, and personally. So, enjoy your time here, and know that Troy High is more than just four years.


Ellen Zhang