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Summer Reading Information
Important Notice Regarding the 11AP Summer Reading Assignment:
Due to an error, the 11AP Summer Reading list that was posted to the THS website was from last year. If your 10 Honors teachers gave you a copy of the assignment before the completion of the year, you are all set; that is the current one. If you found the assignment via the website before July 20, 2018, then you are in possession of last year’s assignment.
The 2018 assignment offers several choices for the nonfiction title, so you may opt for a title that you find more intriguing. The corresponding assignments are comparable. Please work from the 2018 list if you have yet to complete the summer reading.
If you already completed the assignment from last year, please know that your 11AP teacher will accept either the 2017 Summer Reading Assignment or the 2018 Summer Reading Assignment.
Should you have any concerns, please email me at