Schoology (Account Information)




Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

The Troy School District uses Schoology, an award-winning Learning Management System that offers our students the opportunity to see assignments and grades, participate in group discussions, interact with teachers and other students, track their progress, turn in assignments, monitor progress and homework due dates, plus much more.  Schoology: (pronounced -  Skool'uh-jee)

Why do I need a Parent Schoology account?

The district provides parents an access code to create a Schoology account to follow their student's coursework and progress.  Parents can view the following with their account:

  • Activities/Groups
  • Semester Courses
  • Calendars (upcoming & overdue assignments)
  • Test and Homework Grades
  • Classroom Syllabus
  • Messages from the school and teacher
  • Discussions

Parents can also set notifications by text and/or email for up-to-date summary reports and teacher messages.

My child already has a Schoology account, now what?

Some elementary classrooms use a BASIC or FREE version of Schoology that is different than the PREMIUM version (primarily used by secondary students).

In these instances, when you child moves up to middle school, you will need to DELETE your BASIC account (or use a different email address) and create a NEW account when you are provided the student access code.  For instructions on how to delete your BASIC account  Click Here

My child's school is listed incorrectly in the portal?

If your child recently moved from one building to another during the school year, the parent account may not update as quickly as the child's account.  Please contact your school's Schoology Tech Chair or the TSD Technology Help Desk for additional support.

My child has graduated and I'm still receiving email from Schoology?

Contact the TSD Technology Help Desk and we will assist you in deleting your account from the Schoology portal.

Phone:  248-823-5092

Do I have to have multiple accounts for each child?

If you have more than one child, we provide you a code per child and have you link them together upon set-up in one account.  No need to do this each year, once it is set-up you are done.

If you need additional assistance, each school building has a Schoology Tech Chair that can assist you with questions and concerns.

I forgot my parent account password?

At the login screen, click the FORGOT MY PASSWORD link at the bottom of the window.  you will be prompted to enter your email address.  You will be sent a link via your email address to set and confirm a new password.

How do I access my Schoology account and login?

Students and parents have different links to access Schoology.  

Student Schoology Login

Parent Schoology Login

How is Schoology different from PowerSchool?

Schoology is a tool that students use daily to interface with the teacher on assignments and coursework.  It also allows parents to manage their child's academic progress. 

PowerSchool is a student data management system and will update you on your child's attendance, disciplinary actions and final grade reports.