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Troy High School Dance Guest Form

Troy High School Dance Guest Form  Guest Information Sheet – ONLY ONE GUEST PER STUDENT  

You will be asked to please print clearly on the attached form and answer the following questions:

  • Troy High School Student (Full Legal Name)
  • Guest (Full Legal Name)
  • Guest D.O.B (Student must be a High School Student)
  • Guest’s School
  • Guest’s House Address
  • Street    City, State  Zip Code  
  • Guest’s Parent/Guardian Name(s)
  • Guest’s Cell Phone Number
  • Acknowledge that you have read the THS student code of conduct and will abide by the conditions therein and those instituted by Troy High School.   
  • Guest’s Signature  Guest’s Parent/Guardian Signature                

The form must be provided to the Guest’s High School Administrator for approval, then turned into the Troy High School Main Office.  Your guest is not approved until you hear back from the main office and/or the form is signed by a THS administrator.

If you need access to another form or assistance with requesting a guest, please contact the THS office secretary.